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Zulily Shift Hours- Salary and Other Information

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An American e-commerce business called Zulily was established in 2009. It generates 366 million dollars in revenue, and its corporate headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. It is renowned for selling necessities like clothing, toys, shoes, and other apparel. It has undoubtedly become a household name among American middle-class families. Learn more about the Zulily shift times.

Zulily Shift Hours- Salary and Other Information

Zulily Shift Hours- Salary and Other Information

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 stipulates a set of standard rules, which Zulily abides by.

Zulily Shift Hours- Salary and Other Information

Zulily Shift Hours- Salary and Other Information

Shift Duration

Depending on how many days an employee is expected to work, a typical shift can last eight to ten hours. Four ten-hour shifts are typically worked because they are simpler to calculate and navigate.

A warehouse employee is typically hired for four ten-hour shifts starting either on Sunday or Wednesday, or on alternate Mondays, in the following combinations. The majority of people prefer alternating shifts because they have enough time in between shifts to avoid getting tired.

Depending on your position, the shifts are negotiable up to a certain point.

Timings of the Shift

The daytime shift starts at 6 am and lasts until 4:30 pm. Zulily introduced the nighttime work shift in the warehouse a few years back – it begins at 5 pm and goes on until 3:30 am. These shifts include ten hours of work and a half-hour break.

Total Work Hours

Until 2019, the total work hours added to be 40 every week, and if there was less workload, employees could go home. But since June 2019, it has become mandatory for employees to work 60 hours a week without any ease in the regulations. Sometimes they are allowed to work for only 50 hours – however, that is rare.

One should consider 60 hours as the basic benchmark and plan things accordingly.

Salary and Other Information 

The flexibility in terms of working hours is decent, according to 31 employee reports on Payscale. The dress code is casual, as long as it does not violate any boundaries.

Employees are allowed to be late for up to 10 minutes without any explanations. However, if it exceeds that, they have to talk to their manager and provide a solid reason for the delay.


There are no mandatory overtime shifts on paper. Employees are known to take up extra shifts during the holiday season voluntarily. The pay is beneficial for them, and Zulily benefits from it during peak hours.

Holidays and Leaves

Employees get a day off each week. Paid holidays are something to be negotiated.

Earlier, Zulily employees would get paid every week. As of April 2020, they have started paying bi-weekly – this could be because of the pandemic.

General Review of the Shift Hours

A lot of employees, however, do have noticeable complaints regarding the work environment over at Zulily. They say the management is unresponsive and does not care for them. They also feel like the shift options aren’t too varied. People mostly take up such jobs part-time to pay for other expenses. College students don’t have a schedule that revolves around the company’s schedule – this leads to them losing out on work.

Based on 635 reviews on ‘Indeed‘, one can conclude that the shift hours individually are just the way they would be at any corporation. One should be ready to work ten hours four days a week.


If you are planning on working at Zulily, you should go over the points mentioned above carefully. The shift hours are a piece of important information to know beforehand to manage one’s timings and schedule. To make it easier, here are all the points discussed briefly –

  1. 60 hours mandatory work hours.
  2. Four shifts which are of ten hours duration each.
  3. Shifts are of two kinds – daytime and nighttime. Day shifts start at 6 am and last until 4:30 pm. Nighttime shifts start at 5 pm and last until 3:30 am.
  4. People can work either alternate days or four consecutive days.
  5. Overtime during the holiday season is inevitable. The pay depends on the number of hours you choose to put in/are asked to put in. A lot of people take up numerous shifts to make more money during this time.
  6. Breaks are short but enough to eat and take a breather. One should be ready to be asked for anywhere as it is a fast-paced job.
  7. The pay is apt according to the hours one puts in but there is room for improvement. One should be prepared for a minimum wage income.
  8. If one needs money and has enough time to put in here, they can certainly look into job openings.
  9. Paid leaves are case-dependent. If you are a newcomer then you won’t be allowed paid leaves that easily.
  10. One has to be on their toes and be ready to face things individually instead of having management backing them up at times.

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