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What To Do After Checking Your UG Admission Status 2022

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What To Do After Checking Your UG Admission Status 2022

I guess by now you are feeling so excited about getting admission into the premier university in Ghana. From our team here at Legon Connect, we wish you an exciting stay on campus and the best in all your endeavors.
And to those who were not so lucky in getting admission, don’t get discouraged, prepare better, and apply next year! You may never know.
Once again you are welcome to the best university in Ghana. From the records, University of Ghana is currently the number one university within the West African sub-region and the 7th best university on the African continent.
Indeed you are at the best place where academic work is blended with classic societal life in the best environment ever. Just relax and enjoy your stay within the four ever-welcoming walls of Legon.
Now let’s get to some of the things you have to do after checking your University of Ghana admission status. With that, I assume you are offered admission and now rambling your head around what to do next.

  1. The number one and the most important thing to do after downloading your provisional University of Ghana admission letter is to head to the bank and settle the fees as stated. The fees must be paid as instructed by the admission letter at any branch of ECOBANK or any other bank stated by the university. The student must be sure to quote his or her ID number accurately on the pay-in-slip.
  2. Secondly, the tobe student of the premier university must monitor the main website of the university in order to be able to apply for a resident should the link be opened for application. This is a very important exercise for those who desire to be residents on campus since this is the “only way” a student can get a room as a resident in any of the halls on campus.
  3. Head to the bank and pay your residential fee. The fees for the various halls will be stated online and the student must do well to settle at least 50% of the residential fees before reporting on campus to avoid any inconvenience. This policy of 50% part payment can however change so students must be sure of the policy in use before going ahead to make the payment. The student may however opt to pay the residential fees on the University of Ghana campus since there will be banks available to help you pay your fees.
  4. Online registration of courses is also a very important component of the registration exercise. The second residential registration after the selection of halls may not be possible without academic registration of courses. Students must however know that the online registration of courses can only be made after 48hrs of payment of fees.
  5. JCR dues is very compulsory. Students must prepare to pay JCR dues at their various halls. These dues mostly ranges between Ghc 40 – 100 depending on the hall. Most hall will make provision for the banks to be able to set a stand within the hall in order to afford the student the opportunity to pay the fees with ease.
  6. Departmental registration and dues must be paid. This is the registration done at the department of the student. Students of humanities who are offered a combination of about three or four programs must remember to visit all the departments and copy your timetable from these departments.
  7. UGRC registration will come later. University of Ghana Required Courses (UGRC) are courses required by the university to be taken by every STUDENT without which the student will not be able to graduate. This registration may come like two weeks into the semester. All students must be monitoring the university website to make sure they register in time.
  8. Make sure to Activate your student mail. Your student mail, ID number and your pin code are very important documents of every student. If you cannot activate your students’ mail, do well to visit the university of Ghana computing system for assistance.

You can now relax and enjoy the welcoming smiles of the beautiful premier university. Don’t forget to report early in order to attend the orientation sessions to be organized.
University of Ghana is a city on its own and an embodiment of various opportunities for self and career development. Take advantage of them and do not just be a lecture goer but train yourself to be a universal human after completing the best university in West Africa.

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