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UJ Prospectus 2023/2024 for Undergraduate Studies in PDF

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The University of Johannesburg Undergraduate prospectus gives you detailed information on everything you need to know about the institution in terms of Undergraduate admission, application, registration, courses offered and even the contact details. The Undergraduate prospectus is usually in a Portable Document Format (PDF) or a Microsoft Word format.  

The University of Johannesburg, UJ Prospectus for Undergraduate Studies is for aspiring undergraduate students seeking admission into the institution. It serves as a guide into choosing the right Undergraduate programme of interest as well as the detailed requirements needed to study that programme of interest. It also provides detailed information on how to make a successful application into UJ.  

Kindly check below for the steps to view and download the University of Johannesburg 2023/2024 Undergraduate prospectus.  

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Update: Click Here to View University of Johannesburg Postgraduate Prospectus


Kindly view the UJ prospectus on our website or view the prospectus by clicking on the ‘Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here‘ link below the prospectus.  

  1. Download UJ General Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  
  2. Download UJ College of Business and Economics (CBE) Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  
  3. Download UJ Faculty of Art, Design And Architecture Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  
  4. Download UJ Faculty of Law Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  
  5. Download UJ Faculty of Humanities Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  
  6. Download UJ Faculty of Health Sciences Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  
  7. Download UJ Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  
  8. Download UJ Faculty of Education Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  
  9. Download UJ Faculty of Science Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  
  10. Download UJ Johannesburg Business School Undergraduate Prospectus in PDF Here  

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