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Tweak Windows Screensavers 2023

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Tweak Windows Screensavers 2023

Tweak Windows Screensavers 2023

Tweak Windows Screensavers 2023

Windows Vista has a vast array of new features and is entirely different from earlier Windows versions. Among the features included in Vista are Flip3D, Aero, New Explorer, Strong Start Menu, and ReadyBoost.

Microsoft has incorporated some excellent screensavers in Windows Vista along with other eye-catching features. Although Vista lets you alter these screensavers’ fundamental settings, it does not let you alter their sophisticated ones.

Windows users who want to change advanced native screensaver settings should use third-party screensaver tuning tools, such as Idle Time Editor and Saver Editor screen or manually edit the registry.

Change Vista screensaver settings

We’ll show you how to manually adjust the registry in this post so you may modify the Vista screensaver’s speed and amplitude settings.

Even though MS removed all of the options from the ScreenSavers interface, we can still change these screensavers in the registry by doing the following:


Warning: Create a system restore point or back up the registry before editing the Registry.

Step 1: Press [Win]+[R] keys.

Step 2: Enter “regedit”(without quotes) in the newly opened Run dialog box.

Step 3: Navigate to the following registry key:


Here you can select the screensavers registry entry.

Aurora Screensaver


Create DWORD keys




Set the value of the above keys between 500000000 and 2000000000. If the above values are not working, add/remove one digit and give it a try.

Users who want to improve Vista and Windows 7 screensavers should check out the screensaver tuning tools mentioned above to improve Bubbles, Aurora, Mystify and Ribbons screensavers. These tools allow you to increase or decrease the number of bubbles in the Bubbles screensaver, set the width and number of lines in Mystify, and choose the ribbon width and number of ribbons in Mystify.

You may also be interested in how to enable the DreamScene feature in all versions of Vista.

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