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Transnet bursary 2023 closing date

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Transnet Bursary Program 2023-2024 and Application Form,Transnet bursary 2023 closing date

Transnet bursary 2023 closing date

If you are a matriculant who has earned their Grade 12 diploma and you wish to continue your education but lack the funding to do so, the Transnet Bursary Programme 2022–2023 may be able to help.

Transnet is a logistics company that provides first-rate service while delivering goods to your door in order to boost South Africa’s economic development.

Transnet seeks qualified individuals to support their rapid industry expansion as well as their own desire to expand. Transnet launches a bursary program for Grade 12 in response to this.

Transnet will have the option to assist South African saplings in obtaining their BSc Engineering and Specialist Commercial Disciplines degrees thanks to this opportunity.


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Each of those two degrees will comprise a number of fields, and recipients of bursaries may select one from the list.

The purpose of this article is to provide information about the Transnet Bursary Programme 2022–2023 to matriculants, including information on the programs, degrees, disciplines, requirements, application form, and how to apply for the bursary.

Scholarship for a Degree in Specialized Commercial Disciplines

Students who enroll in this program will have the chance to complete the following disciplines:

Information science/technology and computer science
Information Systems for HR
Analytics of Business/Data Logistics/Supply Chain Management
Environmental and Safety Management
Ergonomics and human factor management
From the options above, pick the one that best fits your preferences. The following prerequisites are the basic standards for applicants for this bursary:

SA citizens in grade 12

have earned at least Level Five (60% and above) in English and other subjects necessary for the chosen field of study.
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You are invited to submit an application for this bursary if you meet the requirements listed above.

scholarship for a BSc in engineering

After being selected as the bursary recipient, you can choose from a variety of subjects to complete your BSc engineering degree. The following are the disciplines:

Heavy current industrial electronics, mechanical electrical, and mechatronics



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Computer Engineering Chemistry
The following is a list of the minimum requirements you need meet in order to apply for this scholarship:

12th-grade students
SA Citizens
Have earned a minimum of Level Five (60%) in English, Mathematics, and Physical Science Matriculants who possess the aforementioned qualifications should try to apply for the scholarship to continue their studies in the field of their choice. This is an opportunity that must be taken.


Transnet Bursary Program 2023-2024 Application

Both online and offline applications are accepted for the Transnet Bursary Programme 2022–2023. For the online application, you can fax your completed application to 0865827236 or email it to

Alternatively, you can deliver your application to the Transnet Academy, Faculty of Leadership and Functional Development, 15 Girton Road, Inyanda 2, 3rd floor, Parktown, 2193, at the above location.


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Transnet Bursary Program 2023-2024  Final Date

The application period will end on August 31, 2022. If you’ve already submitted the application but haven’t heard back from them before February 28, 2023, your request was unsuccessful.

Make sure to submit the application by the deadline listed above. We wish you well with this application and your upcoming academic endeavors!


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