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NSFAS Looking At Increasing NSFAS Allowances

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NSFAS Looking At Increasing NSFAS Allowances | NSFAS is discussing whether bursary allowances should be increased. Here are the allowances which are currently distributed to students.NSFAS Looking At Increasing NSFAS Allowances

According to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), allowances are subject to annual increases determined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). NSFAS is currently looking to increase the allowance amounts.

The organisation has been engaging with student leaders as they consider increasing the bursary allowances. “At the moment we are consulting with the stakeholders, the SRCs and all the other stakeholders to see what can be implemented for next year going forward,” said NSFAS.

After the meetings with stakeholders, NSFAS will be compiling a funding policy for the 2023 academic year. Students will receive increases according to their specific tertiary education needs.

Currently, the students are funded according to which tertiary institution they attend. These are the current allowance amounts:



  • Accommodation: amount is the actual cost charged by the university. If private, the cost must not exceed the costs for university residence.
  • Transport: R7 500 per year (up to 40 km from the institution)
  • Living allowance: R15 000 per year
  • Book allowance: R5200 per year (only applies at universities)
  • Personal Care allowance: R2900 per year


  • Accommodation:
    • in an urban area – R24 000 per year
    • in the peri-urban area – R18 900 per year
    • in a rural area – R15 750 per year
  • Transport: R7 350 (up to 40 km from the institution)
  • Personal Care allowance: R2 900 per year

The personal care allowance was introduced to assist students in paying for toiletries.

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