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NSC June Exams Application Requirements 2023

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NSC June Exams Application Requirements 2023, NSC June Exams Application Requirements 2023

NSC June Exams Application Requirements 2023

NSC June Exams Application Requirements 2023

The February/March supplementary test has been discontinued and is no longer offered.

Every May and June, a new exam is offered so that students can complete their outstanding results or enhance their scores. The application deadline for 2022 is February 8, 2023.

Application Requirements for NSC Exams

Please take careful note of the entry requirements for the NSC Examination listed below.

Only topics for which a candidate has written an exam in a prior November test are eligible for registration.

Applicants who missed one or more external question papers but have a valid excuse (medical inability, a death in the immediate family, or other special circumstances*) may still register for the NSC June test as long as they have valid external paper marks (PAT, Oral and SBA).

Any NSC candidate (who took tests starting in November 2008) may sign up for the NSC June exam if they want to raise their overall achievement status or just raise it in one particular topic.

The candidate must write all of the papers for the registered subject even if they were legitimately excused from the November exam for one or more exams (s).

Provisional enrolment for the NSC June examination may be provided to the candidate in question in a situation where an irregularity is being examined, until the conclusion of the investigation.

Applicants who, for reasons other than illness, accident, or a death in the family, did not write or complete one or more of the NSC November test question papers may still apply to take the NSC June examination if they received good/valid external paper marks (PAT, Oral and SBA).

Within 30 days of the results’ publication, result queries must be sent in for review.

Before August 30, 2023, candidates must verify that their names and identity numbers appear accurately on their statement of results and notify the department of any necessary corrections.


What Can I Do If I Don’t Meet the Requirements to Take the June NSC Exam?

Applicants who don’t meet the requirements to sit for the June NSC exam can choose from the following options:

Immediately enroll in a school as a full-time repeater candidate for the NSC, provided that the candidate is under the age of 21. Applicants must enroll in seven classes, including Life Orientation, and they must meet all SBA requirements.

Join a Public Adult Education Center as a part-time repeater candidate.

Register for the Senior Certificate (SC) exam, which is a requirement for adults and learners who are not enrolled in school and are over the age of 21.

Those who failed their exams should also think about pursuing vocational education and training. In all of South Africa’s provinces, there are 50 public further education and training (FET) colleges with more than 300 campuses or teaching locations.

What makes you eligible to take an NCE exam?

Only NSC Part-Time Repeater applicants who meet the following criteria may take the June 2023 NSC exam:

enrolled for and/or took the November 2022 NSC examination between 2008 and 2022.
possess a current SBA mark in the subject on which they are writing.

desires to retake the topics they wrote in their last NSC examination.

Registration for the NSC Examinations will open on January 20, 2023, and close on February 8, 2023, for the 2022 matric result.

NSC Examinations Past papers – Department of Basic Education

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The National Senior Certificate Exam Registration Process for 2023

This are the steps to register for the NSC exams.

  1. You must completely fill out the registration form.
  2. submit your completed form to the WCED walk-in center or your neighborhood district office.
  3. Send your full application via email and scanning to

Registration Requirements for NSC Exams

This registration form must be accompanied by a certified copy of your ID, birth certificate, or passport (for overseas applicants), or an affidavit in their absence.

Part-time repeater candidates are required to submit a copy of their prior NSC examination results declaration.

Candidates’ personal information will be handled in full compliance with the POPI Act and in accordance with all applicable laws.

On January 20, 2023, application forms will be available:

at the schools where the candidate picks up their results from the November 2022 exam; at the district office closest to you; and downloaded and printed from the WCED website.


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