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News24 Matric Results 2022-2023 NSC Results Check Online

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News24 Matric Results 2022-2023 NSC Results Check Online

News24 Matric Results 2022-2023 NSC Results Check Online Are you Looking for News24 Matric Results 2022-2023 NSC Results Check Online This Article is Accuracy it Contain Complete Guide and Direct link to check News24 Matric Results 2022-2023 NSC Results Check Online.

News24 Matric Results 2022-2023 NSC Results Check Online

Results from the National Senior Certificate midyear examinations are NOT included in the results displayed on this page; rather, they are the results of the particular topics written in the 2022 Senior Certificate midyear tests.

Important: May/June 2023 will be your last chance to finish or improve your performance. From 1 October 2022 to 8 February 2023, you can register online or in a district office. Your Statement of Results’ reverse side lists the admission requirements.

News24 Matric Results 2022 NSC Results Check Online

The results for the Second Chance Matric Program, better known as the 2022 Matric test rewrites, have finally been made public by the Department of Basic Education. This round of the Matric examinations attracted more than 230 000 applicants. 2022 class of 12th graders


All provinces seemed to have improved in the 2022 matric results

There were over 1000 matric pupils who could not write maths literacy in Witbank as a result of a service delivery protest.

This was announced by the director-general of basic education, Mweli Mathanzima, on Thursday while delivering a technical briefing where he unpacked the 2022 matric results ahead of the matric results announcement.

Mathanzima said the class of 2022 was probably the worst-affected cohort in relation to the effects of Covid-19 and was subjected to the challenges of load shedding and service delivery protest disruptions.

“All these challenges have indicated that this is the strongest cohort from the last three years. The result of the class of 2022 is a strong signal of recovery and renewal,” Mathanzima said.

He mentioned all provinces seemed to have improved and that no positions were permanent for any provinces or districts, adding:

There is a general improvement in the areas of access, redress, equity, efficiency, quality and inclusivity. Despite the challenges, the class of 2022 has demonstrated its resilience and resolve to overcome the odds. This is an indication that the schooling system is maturing and is developing a capability to deal with unexpected challenges. The system has shown significant improvements across all areas.

He said the department offered the fourth examination in sign language to 210 pupils, of whom 77% achieved the national senior certificate (NSC).

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“A total of 1092 pupils with special needs wrote the NSC exams and 79% attained the NSC. About 439 pupils with special needs attained admission to bachelor studies, 264 achieved admissions to diploma studies and 108 achieved admissions to higher certificate studies.”

Mweli added 43.4% of the progressed pupils who wrote all seven subjects met the requirements of the NSC and got distinctions in 238 subjects.

He said there were 422 478 girls compared to 329 522 boys who wrote the NSC exams and 326 894 girls compared to 253 661 boys who passed the 2022 NSC exams.

“The girls also achieved 65.0% of the distinctions, which included distinctions in critical subjects, such as accounting, business studies, economics, mathematics and physical science.”

He said the number of distinctions for the class of 2022 went up from 211 745 to 218 770 in 2022.

Matric Results 2022 Release Date

The DBE (Department of Basic Education) has just announced that the 2022 Matric Exams will be completed by December this year And Announce on January 2023.


Check Matric results by South Africa’s provinces

For more info kindly Visit DBE Official website =>



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