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Vodacom Vacancies, October 2023

Vodacom Vacancies, October 2023

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Vodacom Vacancies, October 2023

Vodacom Vacancies, October 2023

       Vodacom Vacancies, October 2023

Vodacom Tanzania is Tanzania’s leading communications company providing a wide range of services for consumers and enterprises including voice, data, messaging, financial services and Enterprise solutions. The company was listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange on 15 August 2017. Vodacom Tanzania and its subsidiaries (together ‘the Group’) are majority owned by Vodacom Group Limited (75% holding), a company registered in South Africa, which in turn is majority owned by Vodafone Group PLC., a company based in the United Kingdom.

At Vodacom, we’re working hard to build a better future. A more connected, inclusive and sustainable world. As a dynamic global community, it’s our human spirit, together with technology, that empowers us to achieve this. We challenge and innovate in order to connect people, businesses, and communities across the world. Delighting our customers and earning their loyalty drive us, and we experiment, learn fast and get it done, together. With us, you can be truly be yourself and belong, share inspiration, embrace new opportunities, thrive, and make a real difference.

Vodacom Vacancies, October 2023


Business Resilience Specialist at Vodacom (24-10-2023)

Agile Security; Chapter Lead at Vodacom (16 -10-2023)



6 frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Vodacom Vacancies in October 2023:

1. What is Vodacom, and what kind of job vacancies are available in October 2023?

  • Vodacom is a telecommunications company. The job vacancies offered in October 2023 may include a variety of positions across different departments. Please check the specific job postings for more details.

2. How do I apply for a job at Vodacom?

  • To apply for a job at Vodacom, you can follow the application instructions provided in each job vacancy posting. Typically, you will need to submit your resume and other required documents through Vodacom’s official application portal.

3. What qualifications and experience are required for these job vacancies?

  • Qualifications and experience requirements can vary for each job vacancy. It is essential to review the specific job posting for detailed information on qualifications, experience, and skills required for each position.

4. Is there a deadline for applications, and how can I find out the application deadline for a specific job?

  • Yes, there is usually a deadline for applications. You can find the application deadline for each job vacancy by referring to the specific job posting on Vodacom’s official website.

5. Are these positions open to international applicants, or are they limited to residents of a specific country or region?

  • The eligibility of international applicants may vary by job vacancy and local employment laws. Some positions may be open to international candidates, while others may require candidates to meet specific residency or work permit requirements.

6. What is the selection process like for Vodacom job vacancies?

  • The selection process typically involves reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and assessing candidates based on their qualifications and fit for the role. The specific steps and assessments may vary depending on the position and department.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding job vacancies at Vodacom in October 2023, please visit Vodacom’s official website or refer to the specific job postings for detailed information, including qualifications, deadlines, and application procedures.

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