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Instrumentation Technician at Dangote Cement, October, 2023

Dangote Cement

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Instrumentation Technician at Dangote Cement, October, 2023

Instrumentation Technician at Dangote Cement, October, 2023

Instrumentation Technician at Dangote Cement


  • Operation & Maintenance, Trouble shooting of Instrumentation equipment’s.
  • Responsible for trouble free operation of assigned area to achieve optimum reliability and availability of equipment’
  • Implementation of safety measures and compliance of safety guidelines.
  • Material management of assigned area for smooth plant operation
  • Provides adequate maintenance support to reduce downtime
  • implements a preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Maintains the maintenance records of equipment.
  • Perform any other duties may assigned by Senior


  • Diploma in Electronics or Instrumentation
  • Minimum of two (2) years of working experience preferably in Cement Industry
  • Good knowledge in the use and maintenance of instrumentation equipment.
  • Strong leadership and people management skills.
  • Commitment to implemented safety and environment regulations
  • Good data gathering and analysis skills.
  • Baseline problem analysis and solving skills.
  • Creativity and an ability to think out of the box.


  • Personal Health Insurance
  • Pay Off Time
  • Training and Development


Instrumentation Technician at Dangote Cement

Four frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the Instrumentation Technician position at Dangote Cement in October 2023:

  1. What are the primary responsibilities of an this post  vacancy?

    • Instrumentation Technicians at Dangote Cement are responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting various instrumentation and control systems in the cement manufacturing process. They ensure that equipment and systems operate efficiently and safely.
  2. What qualifications and experience are required for this role?

    • Candidates for the Instrumentation Technician position typically need a relevant technical qualification in instrumentation or a related field. Experience in industrial instrumentation and control systems is often required.
  3. What safety protocols and procedures are in place for this post?

    • Safety is a top priority at Dangote Cement. Instrumentation Technicians are expected to adhere to all safety protocols, wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and participate in safety training to prevent accidents and ensure a safe work environment.
  4. How can I apply for the vacant post?

    • To apply for the role of Instrumentation Technician at Dangote Cement, you can typically visit their official careers page, where you’ll find the job posting and application instructions. Follow the provided guidelines to submit your application, which may involve uploading your resume and other relevant documents.

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