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Does NSFAS support distant learning at Unisa in 2023?

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Does NSFAS support distant learning at Unisa in 2023?

NSFAS sponsors the Unisa 2022 distance learning program, by using Unisa’s online tools and learning materials, students can earn degrees, certificates and certificates through learning and (ODL) at the University of South Africa (Unisa). A small number of Unisa courses require students to participate in on-campus seminars and tutorials.

NSFAS is a great way to get a loan while you are a student at Unisa. Unisa’s curriculum is unique, which is why NSFAS awards to its students are distributed differently from other schools.

Does NSFAS support distant learning at Unisa in 2023?

Does NSFAS support distant learning at Unisa in 2023?

Only Unisa students are eligible for the National Student Financial Aid (NSFAS) Study Materials Grant and Living Allowance. The number of LMAs issued is based on the number of courses taken. Unisa students will receive a one-time payment of R5200 upon completion of the first four modules. Payments of R600 per module will be made for students enrolled in five units or more.


If all R5200 is used up to pay the costs of purchasing course materials before the end of the first five modules, no further Learning Materials Allowance will be issued.

The LMA is designed to be spent on textbooks and other necessary study materials.

A living stipend is available to students who are enrolled in ten or more credits.

A student will not be eligible for the Unisa fee waiver if they enroll for fewer than ten courses at the start of the semester.

Students at Unisa

Students at Unisa who are taking ten or more units per semester are eligible to receive an R290 per month stipend from February through November. These students are eligible to use the R290 for miscellaneous expenses.

NSFAS will pay for all of your school expenses, including registration.

NSFAS offers funding options to help students attend Unisa. Consider the following before submitting your registration:

In your first year of applying through NSFAS? Please register for classes at Unisa during the registration period while waiting for confirmation of NSFAS funding. If your NSFAS application was denied or is still unresolved at the conclusion of the registration period, you will be required to show proof of other funds before your registration may be activated.

NSFAS grantees

NSFAS grantees from the preceding academic year who have not yet graduated: Be sure to get temporarily registered during Unisa’s registration session while you wait to hear back about NSFAS financing for the 2021 school year.

Amicus brief submitted by former NSFAS grantees who were not awarded funding the following school year: Please pay the bare minimum registration charge while you wait for the NSFAS appeal verdict.

So, if your application has been provisionally accepted, you won’t have to pay the minimal minimum to register with NSFAS. Registration will be active after Unisa has received verification of your NSFAS funding.

All NSFAS-funded students who paid the required registration amount to activate their registration will be refunded once NSFAS validates successful processing of registration data to Unisa.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in South Africa covers all university costs for students, regardless of family income. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) supports undergraduate and postgraduate students in South Africa who are applying or planning to enroll in public universities or TVET schools.


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