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Bursary for the ExploreAI Academy 2023

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Bursary for the ExploreAI Academy 2023,ExploreAI Academy Bursary 2023

Bursary for the ExploreAI Academy 2023

A global data and artificial intelligence (AI) firm called ExploreAI seeks to improve the lives of many bright and young Africans. The purpose of establishing ExploreAI Academy was to further the company’s goal. The Academy helps students develop contemporary skills so they can learn and lay a strong professional foundation. ExploreAI Academy teaches data engineering and data science through a project-based methodology. Candidates that possess these abilities can overcome difficulties in the real world and are more equipped for jobs.


Bursary for the ExploreAI Academy 2023

Bursary for the ExploreAI Academy 2023



For the academic year 2023, ExploreAI Academy is taking requests from students to apply for the ExploreAI Academy Bursary. For students interested in pursuing a full-time or part-time degree in Data Engineering or Data Science at the ExploreAI Academy, the academy offers bursaries.

Candidates for data science should be aware that ExploreAI Academy students study Python programming, data visualization, and machine learning. Data visualization, Python, MySQL, Power BI, Jupyter Notebooks, unsupervised learning, and supervised learning are the main topics of this curriculum. Data Analyst, Data Scientist, BI Developer, and Machine Learning Engineer are among the employment opportunities.



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Candidates for data engineering: Students at ExploreAI Academy will develop skills in big data principles, database technologies, SQL, and Python. Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Python, data lakes, MySQL, AWS, Apache Spark, and data pipelines are the main topics of this course. Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Backend Engineer, and Database Administrator are among the employment opportunities.


Three students will each get a bursary that can total up to R70,000 and cover their tuition costs.

Bursary for ExploreAI Academy

eligibility requirements
To be eligible to apply for the ExplorerAI Academy Bursary 2023, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You must be a South African national.
  2. When entering, a minimum age of 18 is required.
  3. The candidate must be interested in taking a course in data engineering or data science at the ExploreAI Academy.
  4. You must be able to study remotely and have access to a computer, a quiet workspace, and reliable internet connectivity.
  5. You must be able to devote yourself to your studies either full-time (at least 50 hours per week) or part-time (at least 15 hours per week).
  6. The candidate should not be a partner, employee, or in any other manner connected to an employee of ExploreAI.


How to Use?
The ExploreAI Academy Bursary 2023 Application Form is the website where applicants must submit their applications.

Important Information Regarding The ExplorAI Academy Bursary
All applicable laws—federal, state, local, and provincial—apply to the bursary program. Should you fail to comply, your prize will be removed.
Applications that are not comprehensive and/or do not adhere to the rules and regulations will be rejected and disqualified by ExploreAI.
The candidate may only apply for the bursary one time.
You are not permitted to enter more than once using various contact details and e-mail addresses.
The selection of successful candidates will be based on the number of entries.
Award amounts may differ.
Successful candidates will be notified by email within five days of selection.
The award will be retracted if the chosen applicants cannot be contacted, are unable to claim the prize within six days of being notified, or fail to submit their declarations on time.
A declaration form must be filled out and submitted by the bursary winner. They must submit this as soon as they learn of the award.
Candidates must consent to ExploreAI Academy utilizing their names, submissions, and likenesses for advertising purposes as part of the application process.
Final Date
The application must be submitted by January 9, 2023, at 23:59. Before the deadline, applicants must submit their online applications.

Contact Information
If candidates have any inquiries concerning the bursary program, they should get in touch with ExploreAI Academy directly:

Email id:

You can also fill out the form on their contact page with your queries


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